Happy Half-Pint's Family Childcare 
OUR PROGRAM                                         ENROLLMENT
In today's society children are expected to grow and learn at a much faster rate than ever before. Creating memories, getting dirty, using imaginations for play and fostering friendships and relationships have been foreshadowed by the drive to memorize, compute and analyze all before they have learned proper social and emotional skills.

Although age appropriate curriculum is important, and covered, Happy Half-Pint's realizes the need for kids to be kids. Learning through play is vital to encouraging independence, self esteem, creativity and coping strategies that otherwise can not be learned through paper and pen activities. Our daily schedule is very relaxed and dependent upon each child's individual needs and desires.

Some activities may include outdoor play, walks, car rides, stories, free play and miscellaneous crafts. An occasional movie or age appropriate TV channel may be allowed. Occasional trips to the park, play land, Splash Park and field trips (special locations) will take place and will be given advance notice.

Age appropriate preschool curriculum will be covered with those children who are 2.5 years and older and dependent upon the child's willingness and involvement. Doors open at 7:30 am and close by 5 pm. Within that time frame breakfast, lunch and two snacks, as well as naps, and lots of FUN occur!
Prior to enrollment in Happy Half-Pint's childcare an interview between Miss Amanda, parent(s)/guardian(s) and prospective child(ren) is required. All policies, tuition requirements, and questions will be discussed during this time. Interviews are planned in advance and occur after daycare hours. Out of respect for the needs and schedules of currently enrolled children, please refrain from drop in visits.

Enrollment paperwork, a signed copy of the Yours For Children Inc. food program form, copies of current physical and immunization records as well as a non-refundable enrollment fee are due a week prior to your child's start date.